Garment Production and Export from Myanmar
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Who we are

Toptextile is a company in The Hague, Netherlands, that imports textile and ready made garments from Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Both Bangladesh and Myanmar are the place to be for garment production. More than 60% of the people in Bangladesh are involved in garment business and garment production. Mainly t-shirts, polo pique, sweaters, men's shirts, ladies blouses and pants are produced. Back in the early days of production it used to be the basic solid colour t-shirt or a 5 pocket denim pant with garment wash only. But Bangladesh has evolved itself and is producing fancy fashion items with special fabric, fancy yarns and different washings.

The reason that Bangladesh has become so popular is because they are producing for very competetive prices. Bangladesh is one of the cheapest countries in the world. In the capital Dhaka alone there are more than 6000 factories, most of them exporting directly to Europe and the USA.

Myanmar is becoming very interesting due to the lift of import restrictions from Europe. Now it will be possible to explore the market in Myanmar. People already speak about "The next China", because of a ready workforce of about 60 million people and an average monthly salary of about $75,- per month due to a subsidised economy.

The population of Bangladesh and Myanmar benefit substantially from this export and many families are dependant on the income which is generated from garment production. Because of the fact that the people can build a financially independant future, the European Union promotes business from Bangladesh and Myanmar by allowing the import in Europe duty and quota free. This means no import duty in Europe for garments produced in both these countries.

We are a service provider to importers and retailers in Europe. We can support with all activities regarding production and import from Bangladesh and Myanmar.

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